Lindsey, Ryan & Titan, April 2015


Our Family, April 2014

Ryan, Lindsey & Titan November 2016

Honey Bee, June 2014

Lehan Kennels

Lindsey & Ryan with Max July 2013

About US

The Lehan Family

Thank you for visiting our page! Let us share with you a little bit about our family. 


My name is Angie, better known as Mom, and I am the Chief Marketing Director of our household! Yes, that's a self-given title! If you call, text or email us, chances are you will be getting in touch with me. I update our website and photograph our puppies.


My husband is Charlie and we have been happily married since early 2004. Charlie is an amazing craftsman and, on top of working a full time job, he has also built most of our kennels and whelping pens himself.


In the fall of 2004, our family grew when we had our first child, Ryan. He is natured very much like his daddy and loves to help us build, repair and prepare for new puppies. He is also in charge of feeding and watering our animals daily.  He has a true connection with all of our pets and is a great caretaker! 


We got our first Golden Retriever in 2005. It was a gift for my husband for his first Father's Day. We got our second Golden a few months later, and then we decided to start breeding. I spent many hours researching and talking with mentors who helped us get established. This was not something we took lightly, and we still don't. We have since had a total of 14 different Golden Retrievers, only 6 of them puppies. We love being able to take in adults who need a new home, for one reason or another, and giving them a loving environment and lots of attention.

Our family was blessed once again in the Spring of 2007 when we welcomed our daughter, Lindsey. She truly inherited our love for animals and has the softest heart when it comes to our fur babies.  She loves to help her big brother with the pets and has even taken over gathering the eggs from our chickens! She loves everything and everyone unconditionally and that includes her doggies, kitties, bunny & chickens!


Early in 2012, we branched out from having only Golden Retrievers when Lindsey asked for a Basset Hound for her birthday...


That April we brought home our big boy, Amos. We fell in love with him instantly! He was followed 11 months later by Miss Roxie. Roxie is a true "daddy's girl" and we all agree that she loves Charlie the most! Amos and Roxie are so sweet and love each other dearly. They truly are best doggie friends.  Amos and Roxie welcomed their first litter of puppies in May 2014! Roxie did AMAZING raising all 7 babies and we are excited to share them with their new families!

We are also very active with our Golden Retrievers! We currently have 6! Maximus & Dexter are our males. Max was a pup from one of our litters! We have 4 Females: Honey Bee (retired), Jewel, Ruby.  Ruby & Pearl were also pups from our own litters!.

We also have a male standard poodle stud, Titan, and a miniature poodle named Atlas. Titan has sired several litters of Goldendoodle puppies for us. He is CGC and TDI certified. 

We live in Rural East Tennessee, on a few acres, where we love to dabble in a little bit of everything. Our entire family loves hunting and fishing. We love being outdoors and the kids are both involved in many sports and activities.  We love raising and sharing our puppies with people from all over the United States. We've had buyers from many different states come to our home to pick up their puppy! We have dogs from Texas to Indiana and everywhere in between!  We have been blessed to make many new friends by way of our pups and we wouldn't have it any other way!


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